Armed Robbery at Waveline office

On 4th of October one of our staff members had a frightful experience: at approximately 17.30 the Waveline office has been raided by two masked and armed raiders and the young lady in our office was held at knife point.
A substantial amount of cash was taken from the safe and the robbers escaped in a Ford Mondeo, which was waiting outside the office, with an unmasked third raider on the wheel.
The car was found 40 minutes later, burnt out.
Here’s a picture of the raiders in the car as well as a close-up. The quality isn’t great, the pictures were taken by CCTV-camera (and we have upgraded the whole system since!):

raidersfacesAnd here is the original footage of the CCTV-camera, which shows also, that the robbery took only around 45 seconds! (click on link to open in a new window)


We are all glad that our staff member was uninjured, but obviously she was deeply traumatised by this terrible and brutal experience.
Recently an RTÉ film crew was at Killinure Point, doing a piece for “CrimeCall”, which is supposed to go on air on Tuesday, 26th of November.
If you get a chance, please watch the series tomorrow – and who knows, maybe someone has the right hint for the investigators.

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